The evenig garment are charactarized by flattering patterns and unique haute couture fabrics. The garments will be created to your personal measeurmentsa and taste. We are creating every gown individually and exclusively for you.


The collection is inspired by the beauty of the
gardens and landmarckas of Laxenburg imperial
palace near Vienna. What makes unique this
collection is the combination of materials
and colours in one.

Diamond Heart

Diamonds, women`s best friends. Empowering
the female body and spirit is what inspired
Sofia Borisova, in the developing of the collection.
The glamour and lux are the main concept in
this haute couture collection.

deni 3
Red Carpet

This collection is inspired by Hollywood and
the glamourous lifestyle of the stars.
Here you can find a lot of see -through
dresses and laces, fitting as "second skin".